Child Safe Club Resources

Child Safe Policy

Indicators of Child Abuse

Screening and Working With Children Check Requirements

Attachment A: Procedure for Reporting and Responding to Child Abuse Allegations

Attachment C: Confidential Record of Child Abuse Allegation Form

Attachment K: Codes of Behaviour when Dealing with Children

Every club affiliated with Gymnastics Australia in 2019 will receive two Child Safe Posters. These posters are for clubs to display in an area that will be easily viewed by members and parents. Please contact Gymnastics Australia if your club has not received the child safe posters.

There are currently two opportunities to access child safe training...

  1. Child Safety Online Course - designed for Technical Members and a requirement for 2019 renewals
  2. Child Safety Webinar - designed for club administrators, and part of 2019 Affiliation requirements

For further information click on the links above.

All online coaching and judging courses are being reviewed by Bravehearts and additional child safety information is being incorporated from Intermediate to Advance Accreditations. This content will assist in providing greater knowledge of child safety for coaches and judges.

Courses are available via Gymnastics Australia's Online Learning Management System (LMS).

Every parent of a child (under 18yrs) who is a Gymnastics Australia member will receive a Parents and Carers Guide which includes vital personal safety messages for children and young people. This Parent and Carers Guide was created by Gymnastics Australia in partnership with Bravehearts as part of a continuing commitment to make child safety a priority across all gymnastics clubs in Australia.

The Parent and Carers Guide also contains a ‘tear-off’ bookmark for each child.

If your club has not received the Parent and Carers Guide please contact Gymnastics Australia.