Updating is a term used at Gymnastics Australia to encompass learning, education, professional development, professional learning or training. Gymnastics Australia asks that you undertake regular learning. The purpose of learning is to ensure that you maintain your competency. Learning is seen by some as a chore, and something that you just have to do; it is highly likely that you are actually learning regularly but you don’t recognise it and/or don’t record your learning.

Learning occurs every time you are in the gym, at a competition or event. Learning occurs when you reflect on your coaching or judging performance, discuss your experiences, observe and work with others. Learning will occur in a classroom, on the job, at Congress, reading an article, in a workshop or training course. Your opportunities to learn are endless.

To renew your technical membership annually you are required to provide evidence of your learning. To do this you need to collect points to show that this has occurred. All the information that you need to know about updating can be found in the Updating Policy (view the Updating Policy on the By-laws, Policies & Technical Regulations  page). The table below illustrates how many points Coaches are required to earn annually.





Advanced Silver

High Performance (Gold) / FIG / Master

Annual points required

3 6 6 12 18


How to get points into the database?

To add your professional learning to your record you need to ask your State / Territory Association. You will be asked to provide evidence (usually a certificate of attendance or a report) of the learning or updating you have completed. Examples include:

  • First aid certificate
  • University transcript
  • A relevant training course
  • Relevant workshop or training completed in a role outside of gymnastics
  • Online training
  • Documented evidence of coaching with same or higher level coach
  • Observation at high performance centre
  • Research

Please note that points gained from attending courses and workshops which are run by Gymnastics Australia or the State / Territory Association will be entered into the database.