Updating (Professional Development) - Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to update?Updating or professional development is required to ensure that all Gymnastics Australia (GA) accredited members maintain their competency. Updating can be gained in numerous ways including practice, workshops, courses, observation, study, discussion groups.

How can I gain updating points?Points can be gained by completing approved updating activities that are relevant to coaching or judging gymnastics. Activities should be appropriate to the Gymsport and level of accreditation.

When do I have to gain updating points? You have 1 year to gain updating points. Points should be gained in time to renew your membership. The number of points required depends on the level of your accreditation. You are advised to develop an updating plan with a senior coach, administrator or manager.

What do I do when updating is missing from my record?Please contact your State /Territory Association as they take primary responsibility for recording your sanctioned updating activities on the national database.  Please ensure that if you wish to gain updating points for an event, it has been sanctioned by your State / Territory Association.

I have enough points from coaching at events but I cannot renew?A coach cannot gain all points from coaching at events.  You are required to complete other forms of updating such as courses, professional development and workshops. Refer to the website (Home » Get Involved » Coaches » Professional Development for Coaches )

How many points do I need?This will depend on the level of accreditation that you hold. Please refer to the Technical Member Handbook on the website (Home » Get Involved » Technical Membership » Technical Member Handbook ) for full information. In short:

  •          Beginner 3 points
  •          Intermediate/INT Bronze Advanced 6 points
  •          Advanced Silver 12 points
  •          High Performance 18 points.

I hold two accreditations, one as a WAG Intermediate Coach and the other as an Advanced MAG Coach. How many points do I need?In order to calculate the total number of updating points required annually you refer to your highest level of accreditation (Coach or Judge). Regardless of the number of accreditations you hold, the total number of updating points you are required to complete will be based on your highest level of accreditation

I am a Technical member who is an Advanced Level Judge and Coach and I have accumulated 16 updating points this year. Can I roll over 4 points into next year?No. There is no carry-over of points from one year to the next.

I am a coach who has taken an absence from the sport for 18 months. I was a Level 1 Coach and have been transitioned into an Intermediate coach. How can I renew my accreditation?You must undertake 6 updating points or an assessment and then you can renew your accreditation. Contact your State / Territory Association for further clarification and to ask about an assessment.