Workshop Sanctioning

Clubs are now able to conduct their own updating workshops.


These workshops can include, but are not restricted to:

club planning, risk management, sport specific training and mentoring.

Clubs must apply for sanctioning prior to the activity using the appropriate form and in the time frames as listed below.


4 weeks prior to the workshop date - 'OPEN' Update Workshops (The Club/Committee host updating activities that are 'open' to all members of the gymnastics community.  These updating activities are advertised on the web)

3 weeks prior to the workshop date - 'CLOSED' Updating Workshops (The Club/Committee hosts updating activities that are for host Club members only)


Submitting Attendee sheet:

Clubs must submit a workshop attendance roll to GYM ACT to ensure attendees receive updating points.


Please note: No updating will be sanctioned from 1st December - 31st January (excluding Club Staff Meetings)



  •          The Workshop content is decided by the club and must be an appropriate form of Professional Development
  •          Each workshop is worth 1 updating point per two hours
  •          Candidates must sign a course roll on the day of the workshop 
  •          Submit to ACT after the workshop to receive updating points

Workshop Sanctioning Form

Workshop Participant List