Membership By-law

Grievance By-law

Discipline and Appeals By-law

Gymsports Committees By-law


GA Adopted Policies

Anti Doping Policy  

ACT Membership Protection Policy  

Club Affiliation Club Name Policy  

National Membership Database - Registration Policy  

National Athletes Transfer Policy

National Membership Database Policy

Privacy Policy  

Anti-Match-Fixing Policy  

GACT Policies

ACT Volunteer Policy 

ACT Alcohol and Non-Prescription Drugs Policy   

ACT Board Confidentiality Policy                        

Gymnastics ACT Codes of Conduct

For matters relating to Codes of Behaviour please refer to Part B of the Member Protection Policy

State Team Policies

GACT State Teams are managed under several policies, including:

+ 2016 GACT Team Selection Policy; and

+ 2016 GACT Team Funding Policy;

which can be found below.

Also included for further information are documents showing the State Team management structure and descriptions of the roles and responsibilities of the State Team members.

Gymsport-specific selection information may be found in the relevant Technical Regulations - Part B which can be found in the "Regulation" section of this website HERE.