TeamGym is an exciting Gymnastics for All competition event for teams of gymnasts, aged 11 years and over, providing an opportunity for performances on 3 different apparatus. For further information, TeamGym competitions and championships are held regularly in the UK and Europe and are developing in the USA. TeamGym competitions exhibit gymnastic skills in three different disciplines. In common for the performance is effective teamwork, good technique in the element and spectacular acrobatic elements.

Teams perform on the following apparatus:
- Floor
- Tumbling
- Vaulting / Mini-Tramp

The unique element of the TeamGym event is that teams can comprise of up to twelve members however, it is necessary for only a minimum of six to perform at any one time, as long as the number of performers is even (ie 6, 8, 10 or 12). In addition, members can also be interchanged or increased/decreased during performance apparatus passes (ie: 1st tumbling run 10 members may perform, 2nd tumbling run 8 members may perform or the 10 may be made up of different members).

This unique ruling allows teams to capitalise on the strengths of members while also providing the opportunity for all to be involved, even if they cannot perform on one of the required apparatus or a skill that may be incorporated within an apparatus pass.
Gymnastics New South Wales have developed a new Team Gym program which is suitable for all ages and abilites. Workshops for coaches and teams are held throughout the year with the final competition held during the GNSW Festival of Gymnastics in November each year.