WAG Skill Development Resource now available!

We’re thrilled to announce that there is a brand new resource available to all WAG Technical Members! The WAG Skill Development Resource, a collaboration between WAG National Commission and Gymnastics Australia, contains a huge range of PDFs and over 400 videos that will help coaches develop key skills in their athletes. This free resource is available through your Tech Member Benefits page – login to GOL and click on the WAG ALP page to access this fantastic resource.

What are the skills covered?

In the resource you will find skill development resources on Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor and in Dance, that range from fundamental skills such as a press handstand through to giants and saltos. The skill resources will show you how to develop a skill from the beginning stages right through to refinement. There’s also information on equipment, posture and teaching effective vault run:

Vault resources
1. Teaching effective vault run
2. Rebounding from hands
3. Dive roll
4. Front salto
5. Tsukahara
6. Yurchenko

Bars resources
1. Press handstand program
2. Bars shaping program
3. Using loops
4. Kip progressions
5. Developing circle elements
6. Kip cast to handstand
7. Straddle pike cast to handstand
8. Backward giant
9. Backwark sole circle to handstand
10. Forward giant
11. Long swing half turn

Beam resources
1. Beam equipment
2. Beam concepts
3. Beam complexes
4. Handstand
5. Bridge
6. Cartwheel step-in
7. Backward walkover
8. Back handspring step out

1. Handstand program
2. Back roll to handstand program
3. Front and back limbers
4. Dive roll
5. Courbette / snap down
6. Round-off
7. Front tuck salto
8. Back handspring
9. Front salto step out
10. Back whip

1. WAG body posture
2. Ballet barre
3. Jumps and leaps – technical skills
4. Turns
5. Lunge - passé full turn
6. Passé full turn
7. Split jump
8. Split leap
9. Change leg leap

Are you a current Technical Member with a WAG Coach or Judge Accreditation? If so, click here to sign into your GOL account and access this fantastic resource.

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