Week 1 Australian Championships Update

With week 1 of the 2018 Australian Gymnastics Championships officially done and dusted, we would like to recognise the recipients of the Gymnastics Australia Board Awards and National Gymsport Awards that have been presented throughout the week. Gymnastics ACT would especially like to pass on our congratulations to Kathleen Graham a Life Member of GACT who was awarded Gymnastics Australia Life Membership. 

Medal Tally from Week 1 with an impressive 26 Medals and 9 Gold for ACT!

Week 1 Wrap can be found here 

Gymnastics Australia Board Awards

Special Recognition Award
Andrew Cordery (SA)
Trent Lawrie (QLD)
Alex Hunt (NSW)

Award of Merit
Desiree Jones (WA)

Athlete Award of Distinction
Mitchell Morgans (QLD)
Clay Stephens (SA)
Tyson Bull (VIC)
Rianna Mizzen (QLD)
Talia Folino (VIC)

Life Member
Peggy Liddick (VIC)
Kathleen Graham (QLD)

Hall of Fame
Graham Bond (QLD) 

National Gymsport Awards

Men’s Artistic Gymnastics
Senior International Gymnast of the Year – Chris Remkes (SA)
Junior International Gymnast of the Year – Indigo Dragon (QLD)
National Levels Gymnast of the Year – Adam Rusgnach (NSW)
International Coach of the Year – Sean Wilson (QLD)
Development Coach of the Year – Paul Szyjko (SA)
National Levels Coach of the Year – Robert (Yi Jun) Hong (NSW)

Women’s Artistic Gymnastics
National Levels Gymnast of the Year – Madison Thompson (QLD)
National Levels Coach or Coaching Team of the Year – Valeriy Shuster (ACT)
National Levels Development Coach of the Year – Linda Taylor (NSW)
Senior International Gymnast of the Year – Emily Little (WA)
Junior International Gymnast of the Year – Isla Ross (QLD)
International Levels Coach or Coaching Team of the Year – Coral King, Joshua Fabian and Nikolai Lachpine (WA)
Carol Sussman Award (for Floor Artistry, awarded to a National Levels Gymnast competing at the 2018 Australian Gymnastics Championships) – Emily Rampoldi (NSW)

Congratulations on your outstanding performances in 2017 and thank you for your continual contribution to the betterment of Gymnastics in Australia.

Australian Gymnastics Championships Awards

The following MAG athletes were also recognised for competing at an incredible 10 Australian Championships as of 2018!
Congratulations to:
Michael Tone (QLD)
Stephen Moulds (SA)
Cameron Malone (NSW)
Jae Nagel (NSW)
Kent Pieterse (VIC)

Congratulations as well to the following Artistic Gymnastics athletes, for which 2018 marks their fifth appearance at an Australian Gymnastics Championships:

Men’s Artistic Gymnastics
Adam Parker (QLD)
Hugo Veerman (QLD)
James Hardy (QLD)
Jean Nick (QLD)
Josh Chambers (QLD)
Simon Constable (QLD)
Timothy Kite (SA)
Corey Dehn (NSW)
Joseph D’Souza Bullman (NSW)
Robert Fassone (NSW)
Billy McLean (VIC)
Andreas Lepore (VIC)
Conor McGillivray (VIC)
James Dunn (VIC)
Jordan Fitzsimons (VIC)
Joshua Walker (VIC)
Kipp Smith (VIC)
Kynan Whitehead (VIC)
Ruben Chitters (VIC)
Adam Falzarano (ACT)
Alex McDonald (ACT)

Women’s Artistic Gymnastics
Gracy Gaby (TAS)
Sophie Delany (TAS)
Kayla Nel (WA)
Keara Nel (WA)
Savannah Crompton (SA)
Jade Cockrell (nee Slater) (SA)
Amie Martin (VIC)
Macy Pegoli (VIC)
Rachel Laval (VIC)
Rebecca McConnell (VIC)
Romi Brown (VIC)
Chloe Jackson-Brown (NSW)