2019 Membership Growth for Gymnastics ACT

ACT gymnastics recorded another year of membership growth in 2019 with over 5727 athletes being members of an ACT gymnastics club. This includes 2442 athletes who participated in gymnastics for the first time in 2018 and experienced the great benefits of the sport for the first time. The final membership figure of 5437 sees another year of growth for gymnastics in the ACT. Total membership grew by 4% on the 2018 membership figures, with only Gymnastics ACT recording membership growth among member states and territories.

Canberra City were again the largest club with 1537 again crossing over the 1500 member mark for the second consecutive years. Gungahlin Gymnastics, Southern Canberra and Woden Valley all once again had in excess of 1200 members a terrific achievement by these clubs.

Highlighting gymnastics place as a leading participation sport for women and girls was the 3993 females participants in the sport across Gymnastics ACT clubs. Over 4500 of our members were registered in GfA programs highlighting that gymnastics has a program and pathway for all participants.

Gymnastics ACT and our clubs look forward to another great year in 2019!