Nominations are now invited for all State Team Officials positions for the Gymnastics ACT State Teams competing at the 2017 Australian Gymnastics Championships (22 May-4 June), as listed below:

 -              Head Coach (MAG, WAG, RG, TRP, ACR)

-              Team Manager (MAG, WAG, RG, TRP, ACR)

-              Assistant Coach (MAG, WAG, RG, TRP, ACR)

-              Judge (MAG, WAG, RG, TRP, ACR)

-              Chaperone (MAG, WAG, RG, TRP, ACR)

-              Medical Staff (MAG, WAG, RG, TRP, ACR)


For full details about the processes and procedures for the GACT State Team in 2017 (including position/role descriptions for each of the State Team Officials positions) please refer to the updated GACT State Team Policy .

Note: there have been some changes to how the GACT State Team will be run since 2016, so it is very important that all individuals involved (athletes, coaches, support staff, etc.) review the GACT State Team Policy and understand the contents.


GACT State Team Officials will be funded for the associated travel, accommodation and standard meals to the levels detailed in the GACT State Team Policy (Section 7).

To nominate for a position/s, you must complete the online Nomination Form at where you will asked to provide your contact details and a summary of your qualifications and/or experience relevant to your capability to perform the position you are nominating for.


Note that nominations for all positions need to close Friday 24 March 2017


Nominations will be provided to the respective Gymsport Committees, who will make recommendations to GACT as to the most appropriate candidates for each position.


For full details, please see attached information sheet.