DEADLINE FOR NOMINATIONS: Monday 12 February 2017

Nominations are now invited for keen and knowledgeable people from the Gymnastics ACT community to become members of the Gymnastics ACT Gymsport Committees for 2018. 

The Gymsports Committees (formerly known as Sports Management Committees) are a crucial part of the operation of gymnastics in the ACT. Applications need to be submitted by the following online form .

While all Gymsport Committee roles are voluntary, the operations of the Gymsport Committees are supported by GACT staff, and professional development will be offered to individuals to enhance their contribution as Gymsport Committee members and the improvement of GACT operations as a whole.

There are 6 committees, each looking after one of the gymsports/gymnastics disciplines active in ACT:

  • Gymnastics for All (GfA);
  • Men’s Artistic Gymnastics (MAG);
  • Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (WAG);
  • Rhythmic Gymnastics (RG);
  • Trampoline Gymnastics (TRP); and
  • Acrobatic Gymnastics (ACR)

    What positions are available to nominate for?

    Each Gymsport Committee has available the following roles:

  • State Technical Chair;
  • State Judging Co-ordinator (with the exception of GfA); and
  • Up to 3 (three) General Members.

    What do Gymsports Committees do?

    Each Gymsport Committee works with, provides advice, and makes recommendations to the GA CEO and GACT staff members regarding the delivery of strategic and operational outcomes for their gymsport in the ACT.

    The Gymsport Committee’s cover a wide range of functions including:

  • Managing the operations of their Gymsport program in the ACT (including budgeting, reporting and planning);
  • Preparation of technical regulations with annual review;
  • Co-ordination and implementation of their gymsport technical regulations at all state events;
  • Providing technical direction to the broader gymsport community in the ACT.

    Other areas of involvement include planning around the State Events Calendar, State Development Squads, State Teams, and key roles in events delivery.

    For further information refer to the GACT Gymsports Committee By-Law.

    What sort of people do the Gymsport Committee’s need?

    Gymsport Committee members need to have a good understanding of their gymsport but this can be from a number of different perspectives – coaching, judging, high performance, grassroots participation, events, parent, athlete, club committee member.

    Generally Gymsport Committee members need to have strong organisational skills, demonstrate objectivity/impartiality, knowledge of the rules and regulations of their gymsport, excellent communications skills and a passion/interest to influence the direction and running of their gymsport in the ACT. 

    For further information refer to the Desirable Requirements for Positions (below).

    How often do the Gymsports Committees meet?

    The number of Gymsport Committee meetings depends on the needs of the gymsport, but there will be at least 3 (three) meetings per year, to be agreed upon by the members of the Gymsport Committee together with GACT. 

    How long would I be on the Committee for?

    Gymsport Committee members are appointed on an annual basis.  The term of office for each of the Gymsport Committee members will be one year – 2018 Gymsport Committee terms will apply from 1 March 2018 until 28 February 2019.


    What is the appointment process?

    The appointment process for Gymsport Committee members is as follows:

    • The GACT office will call for nominations from the ACT Gymnastics community (deadline 12 February 2018);
    • To nominate for any position on any Gymsport Committee, the individual must complete the 2018 GACT Gymsport Committee Nomination Form and submit it with all supporting information at by the deadline of Monday 12 February 2018.
    • GACT and GA will review all nominations received, in consultation with relevant members of the gymnastics community where necessary;
    • The GA CEO will make recommendations for Gymsport Committee membership to the GACT Board; and
    • The GACT Board will consider the recommendations made and endorse or otherwise the GA CEO’s recommendations.

      For further information refer to the GACT Gymsports Committee By-Law and the Desirable Requirements for Positions (below).


      To nominate for any position on any GACT Gymsport Committee, please fill in the Nomination Form at and submit CV or supporting documentation.


      DEADLINE FOR NOMINATIONS: Monday 12 February 2018



      Desirable Requirements for Positions

      All positions

  • Positive attitude, enthusiasm and commitment to advancing gymnastics and the specific gymsport in the ACT
  • The ability to demonstrate objectivity/impartiality in decision-making for the gymsport
  • Sound knowledge of the rules and regulations of the gymsport
  • Time available to attend meetings, review documents and attend events
  • Sound organisational skills including time management with proven ability to meet deadlines (sometimes within short timeframes)
  • Sound written, interpersonal and oral communication skills, including the ability to effectively liaise with member clubs, technical members, event staff and Gymnastics ACT directors and management
  • Current technical member of Gymnastics ACT
  • High standing and respect in the gymnastics community within the ACT
  • Sound ability to successfully manage conflict and adhere to all Gymnastics ACT and Gymnastics Australia policies, in particular Complaints and Grievances Procedures
  • Adherence to Gymnastics ACT and Gymnastics Australia Codes of Behaviour/Conduct

    Additional requirements for specific positions

    Technical Chairs

  • Strong committee management, delegation, and meeting chairing and reporting skills

    Judging Coordinators

  • Current qualified Gymsport Advanced or FIG Brevet Judge