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GAMH6090 - AeroFun & AeroSkills Resource Kit
The kit includes; Teachers Guide, Unit and Lesson Plans, Activity Cards, an instructional DVD and a music CD. $45 (members), $75 (non members)

Aerobic Gymnastics 2018-2021 ALP
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GAMH6085 - AEROSchools Kit - 2018-19 - includes manual, DVD and CD - $60.00

GAMH6070 - AEROSchools Manual - 2018-19 - $30.00

GAMH6075 - AEROSchools Audio CD - 2018-19 - $30.00

GAMH6080 - AEROSchools DVD - 2018-19 - $30.00

GAMH3605 - Aerokid Aerobics USB (2002) - Author: Kerryn Cormick - $50.00

The AeroKid Manual has been designed to increase participation levels of students aged 8-18 years in aerobic and fitness sessions.

It has been written for teachers, coaches, aerobic and fitness instructors wanting to introduce basic aerobic movement patterns via games and fitness activities into their sessions.

It provides exciting ideas for conducting recreational aerobic sessions including an easy to follow pathway for students wishing to compete in sport aerobic events.

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