Gymnastics ACT is delighted to announce that long time contributor to Gymnastics in the ACT, Robert (Bob) Weight was awarded Life Membership at the GACT AGM in May.

Few individuals involved in Gymnastics in the ACT wouldn't be familiar with Bob and benefited from his years of distinguished service to the sport and it's people.

Summary of the Services rendered to Gymnastics ACT

Bob has been a driving force in the growth and development of Gymnastics in the ACT especially at the club of Southern Canberra. Bob has been a long serving board member of GACT and has been instrumental in driving best practice governance and policy

Bob has displayed a passion for gymnastics at all levels including for judges, coaches, administrators and volunteers. His service and passion have benefit Gymnastics ACT and its members immensely. 

Bob’s service is both distinguished and meritorious and warrants recognition as a Life Member.

The Award of Life Membership of Gymnastics ACT as detailed in Gymnastics ACT Constitution clause 2.1;

  1. Life members

Life members are:

  1. individuals who have provided long and meritorious service to Gymnastics ACT and comply with the eligibility criteria as determined by the board, and
  2. elected at the AGM.