Gymnastics ACT Annual General Meeting and Annual Report

  The Gymnastics ACT AGM was held on Thursday July 9, 2020. The 2019 Annual Report, including audited financial statements is available below. Following the elections that took place at the AGM the Gymnastics ACT board is as follows. Megan Moss (President)
Mick Rainey (Vice President)
Melissa McClusky
Cath Windsor
Nadine Weight
Megan Taylor
Tony Falzarano
Congratulations to Megan Taylor who was appointed for the first time and Mick Rainey, Cath Windsor and Tony Falzarano who were returned to the Gymnastics ACT board. Following the AGM the new board of Gymnastics ACT met and Megan Moss was appointed to continue as Gymnastics ACT President for 2020. MIck Rainey was appointed to continue as Vice President. The board would like to acknowledge the service of outgoing Gymnastics ACT Directors Dean Kenneally and Joanne Ratcliffe.