Dear Member,

Notice is hereby given that the 52nd Annual General Meeting of Gymnastics ACT Inc will be held on Thursday 22 April 2021 at 6:30pm at Peppers Gallery and by video conference.

Nominations for the Board
Any voting member, the nominations committee or members of the Gymnastics ACT board may nominate suitable persons in respect of each vacancy for the position of an elected member of the board. Nominations need to be received by GACT by 1 April 2021.

Nominations should be in the form attached and include a short CV highlighting their appropriateness for a GACT Board position.

Voting Arrangements
The following arrangements will be in place for the AGM 2021.

This election will be for two Board positions and will be conducted under the current Constitution. The deaired outcome is to elect a strong, balanced Board who are able to govern the Association into the future.

There are four ‘large’ clubs who are able to appoint a Director. These appointed Directors can be through the nominations received by GACT or separately. To support the ability of Members to elect a balanced Board at the AGM, the Board requires these appointed Directors to be communicated to GACT by the 8 April.

The remaining nominees will then be voted on by the Members for the elected positions. The order of activities will be:

  1. The Members (Large Club >750) will forward their appointed Directors details by 8 April prior to the AGM. These Directors will be announced at the AGM to the Members.
  2. At the AGM, the Board will appoint two Returning Officers to manage the voting process for elected Directors.
  3. Each Voting Member will list the nominees in their preferred order
  4. The Returning Officers will count the preferences and the nominees with the greatest preference will be elected to the Board (First Past the Post)
  5. The vote will be for two Directors for a two-year term

Appointed Director Process
The Constitution requires the Board to stagger the election of Directors to ensure consistency in Board operations.

At the 2020 AGM Directors from Woden Valley and Canberra City were appointed for two years, Therefore, at the 2021 AGM, Directors from Gungahlin Gymnastics and Southern Canberra Gymnastics Club will be appointed by their respective clubs.

Therefore nominations are called for the following positions:

Two Elected Directors- Two Year Term
Appointed Directors – Southern Canberra and Gungahlin Gymnastics
Life Member(s)

Nominations for Life Membership and Elected Directors shall be made in writing on the respective forms and delivered to the office of Gymnastics ACT Inc. by close of business Thursday 1 April 2021 and in the case of the Appointed Directors by the 8 April 2021. A signed Code of Conduct must accompany all Director Nominations.

First Members (Clubs) are also requested that any notices of motion must be received at the office of Gymnastics ACT Inc. by close of business Thursday 1 April 2021.

Megan Moss
Gymnastics ACT

AGM Notice 2021
(Adobe PDF File)