Following Gymnastics Australia’s exciting announcement that the 2021 Australian Gymnastics Championships will go ahead as planned on the Gold Coast from May 13-25. The full statement is available on the GA Website.

Gymnastics ACT acknowledges the announcement as a positive step for the community and now actively progress attendance at this event with the following guiding principles and a framework for attending the event.

Individual Athletes

  • Gymnastics ACT will select athletes who meet qualifying scores to a ACT Team and enter these athletes in the appropriate level and Gymsport with Gymnastics Australia. GACT will invoice athletes for this cost.
  • Selected athletes will be operating under a “live-out” model and will be responsible for flights, accommodation, meals and ground transport. They will be required to be accompanied by a parent/guardian. A detailed set of guidelines around this will be produced.
  • All travel will be done on an individual basis and individual athletes and families need to consider what individual requirements and arrangements suit their scenario. Gymnastics ACT encourages athletes and their families to consider requirements as soon as possible. This includes attendance, method of travel, length of attendance, guardian accompaniment and accommodation style.
  • Once at the competition venue Gymnastics (Tasmania/ACT) normal AGC operations, coaching and team environment operations will commence, with GACT taking responsibility for the athletes during this time.

Team Officials

  • Team official numbers will be the same as in previous years with coach and judge numbers being unchanged.
  • These individuals will also be required to operate under individual travel arrangements but may do so how they feel most comfortable.
  • Funded Team officials will be paid a grant to cover costs associated with attendance at AGC.

Please note, that Selection Policies, qualifying scores and qualifying events remain unchanged, and athletes should refer to their relevant Technical Regulations Part B for further advice relating to selection and qualification.

Gymnastics Australia have prepared a FAQs Sheet , which is available online, to assist the community. This FAQs Sheet will be updated as needed.

Any queries should be directed to Jack Ratz, or 03 8698 9781.