Gymnastics ACT and the entire gymnastics community in Canberra are deeply saddened by the passing of Dr Les Sharpe.

“Dr Sharpe had an extremely significant impact on the sport of Gymnastics in the ACT both at Club and the Association levels”, Gymnastics ACT President Megan Moss said.

Dr Sharpe was the President of Gymnastics ACT and was awarded Life Membership of the Association for his dedication and outstanding contribution to the development of the sport in the ACT.

During his tenure he introduced several innovative programs, including bringing high profile international coaches to Australia to conduct coaching clinics for both gymnasts and coaches. Such programs significantly raised the overall standards of coaching within the ACT which in turn greatly contributed to the on-going improvement of the gymnasts’ performances.

Dr Sharpe also introduced numerous governance initiatives which were well ahead of such activities being introduced into sport in general in Canberra during that era.

“Les was instrumental in shifting the culture of the Association from a club focussed organisation to one focussed on strategic planning and long-term development of the sport” said Nadine Weight who was the Executive Director of Gymnastics ACT during Dr Sharpe’s tenure.

“These systems, policies and procedures at the time were recognised and praised by the ACT Government as being some of the best in the ACT for any sporting organisation.”

Gymnastics ACT is extremely grateful to Dr Sharpe for his outstanding contribution to the development of the sport in the ACT.  

The organisation would like to express its sincere condolences and sympathies to his wife Dahlia and the family during this difficult time.