Girl Power! The Workshop Series to Promote Women in Gymnastics


A workshop series aimed at encouraging girls and women to become and remain involved in gymnastics and to provide them with skills, knowledge and experience to reach their leadership potential, will be held over the weekend on 28 – 29 May at Woden Valley Gymnastics Club and Gungahlin Gymnastics Club

The Girl Power Workshop Series will encompass a wide array of gymnastic elements, for both judges and coaches that includes workshops and practical learning opportunities. These will range from beginners’ sessions, where young females can discover their love for the sport, all the way through to judging education, which will be offered to senior gymnasts with the view of benefitting them as athletes now, as well as opening future pathways towards judging in the future. 

This Girl Power Series aims to counteract the observation via Sport Australia that young people, particularly women, can become “disengaged and physically inactive”. While gymnastics may be at the forefront, the primary focus of the weekend is to build and develop social connection, support networks and independence. 

Gymnasts will be supported at the event by mentors, role models and special guest speakers, including accredited coach, judge, gymnast and advocate Wendy Treble, who will be lending her expertise and passion to the event. 

Wendy is an Advance Silver WAG Coach, a FIG Judge in ACRO in 6 Olympic cycles, whilst also acting as a presenter for Gymnastics Australia for over 20 years, where she uses her experience and passion to inspire the next generation of female gymnasts. Wendy views workshops such as these as essential, even for more experienced coaches, to ensure they are passing on the best and the correct information to their students. 
Please find the weekend’s timetable below.  

The judge course and workshops are free for GACT members. For others, please email for registration fees. 
To register and for more information, email [email protected]

This event is being funded through the 2022 Women’s Sport and Recreation Participation and Leadership Program (WSRPLP); an ACT government initiative so to promote the development of young female athletes across a number of disciplines across the territory. 

Timetable Sunday 29 May:

9:00-10:00am - Dynamic skills Workshop - Foot pitch 
How to Teach and finesse the foot pitch skill for Pairs and Groups. With a breakdown of foot position, power, flight and landing.

 10:00-10:15 - Short break

 10:15-12:15 - Artistry 
PowerPoint on Expression, performance, creativity and musicality. The session will end with an example video to watch and discussing. 
(This workshop is applicable for WAG coaches/judges – especially those that have gymnasts doing optional routines and those judges wanting to understand the Artistry side better.)

12:15-1:00 Lunch break

 1:00-3:00 - Skill and Routine Review
Review of skills and routines to assist in minimising errors and showcasing amplitude and a high execution.

- ToD workshop 
Explanation of correct values/coding for the tables of difficulty. And how to enter the skills into a tariff sheet to ensure you have met requirements for L4-L10.