Anthony Ikin's success from Aerobics to Director

Gymnastics Australia is enjoying highlighting Aerobic Gymnastics this week in celebration of its 70th Anniversary next month.

Gymnastics remains a sport that can start from anything and take you anywhere, this couldn’t be more true for past Aerobic athlete, Anthony Ikin. 

Ikin was told at eleven years old that he would grow too tall for gymnastics so he made the transition to Aerobics, never looked back and he reflects on the moment that stands out to him. 

“All of the overseas trips to World Championships or World Cups, are something I will always remember,” Ikin said.

“I just loved the Aussie teams and the fun we would have no matter what country we were in.”

Ikin’s love for Aerobics and dance was shown through his talents as he received from Gymnastics Australia an Athlete Award of Distinction, 2004 International Coach of the Year and Athlete Roll of Honour.

With competing at an elite level, comes the tough work in trying to get to the top.

“Each year we would have to qualify for the National Squad and then from the National Squad training camp they would pick the Australian team for each world event.  

“It was always so nerve-racking!”

Ever so humble, Ikin provides an insight of how Aerobics helped him progress to where he is today.

“I am now a professional choreographer and I get to create shows all over the world,” Ikin said.

“Most recently I was the associate choreographer for the Closing Ceremony of the Commonwealth Games. 

“I would not be where I am today without my years in the sport.”

A lifetime of knowledge and Aerobics background has meant that Ikin has been able to watch the sport grow with the hope of the sport one day entering the Olympics.

“The skill level now is insane,” Ikin said.

“I love watching videos and seeing how far the athletes have come over the years. 

“I really hope Sport Aerobics gets the nod to be an Olympic sport but maybe that is wishful thinking.”

Ikin is currently a Director at Global Dance Pro, the company that he and Zac Brazenas founded together while also being busy with choreography and a presenter.