Gymnastics Australia pay tribute to Fred Austine

Gymnastics Australia would like to pay tribute to Fred Austine who passed away on 9 September 2019. 

Fred was considered the father of Trampoline Sports in Australia, and he leaves behind a lasting legacy for the Trampoline Community as he guided many athletes and officials to national and international success during the 15 years he was the National Trampoline Coach. 

Fred was one of the foundation members of the New South Wales Trampoline Association which formed in 1960. Following this, in 1961 at age 29, Fred competed in the first State Championships of any kind at YMCA in Sydney.

In 1963, Fred took over the Trampoline club at Gosford where he continued to spend years growing the sport. Fred also held the role of Physical Director at The Central Coast Youth Club for 35 years. 

Fred is a Life Member of Gymnastics Australia and Gymnastics New South Wales, Gymnastics Australia CEO Kitty Chiller says that Fred will always remain a highly respected member of the gymnastics community. 

“Fred was a trailblazer for the sport and it is thanks to his efforts and commitment that we have such a strong Trampoline community today.”

Fred’s legacy lives on with his son, Brett Austine, the current National Trampoline Coach and his daughter Julie, through her work for the New South Wales Trampoline Community.

“He had an impact not only on Trampoline but the widespread community on the Central Coast,” Brett Austine said. 

“People have expressed their feelings of loss but it was the greatest pleasure that I was able to share my dad with the whole Trampoline Community, it was really special.”

Gymnastics Australia wishes to pass on its condolences to Fred and Joyce’s five children, Brian, Julie, Rodney, Brett and Paul and their extended family and friends.