World Championship dream on ACR Trio's mind

In the final week of Gymnastics Australia’s (GA) 7 Gymsports in 7 Weeks celebrations, GA are highlighting Acrobatic Gymnastics. 

At the 2019 Australian Gymnastics Championships, the crowd was in awe of the Senior Trio from Oaks Flats Gymnastics Club in New South Wales. 

Maddison Lacey, Caitlin O’Neil and Mikayla Carr were crowned Australian Champions after they scored 27.600 for Balance, 26.420 for Dynamic and 27.560 for Combined which gave them an overall score of 81.580.

GA was lucky enough to speak with the Trio athletes about their love of Acrobatics and how the Trio came to be. 

“Maddison, Mikayla and I have all done acrobatics since a young age,” O’Neil said.

“So, we have all been through a number of partnerships on a national and international level, and when we saw our clubs first appearance at a Senior World Championships and we were completely inspired to do just that. 

“As we were all the correct age, we were put together to hopefully achieve the same goal of reaching a World Championships.”

After their success at the Australian Championships, their scores resulted in selection onto the Acrobatics Senior National Squad for 2019-20. 

“The opportunity to represent our country makes us so grateful, to be able to achieve something for Australia, all whilst doing what we love and work hard for is something we will always remember,” O’Neil said.

Each year the sport grows and being a current athlete in Acrobatics, O’Neil is able to understand the changes and experience them.

“The quality of the sport has drastically improved. There are harder skills, better dance and gymnastics has become more of a spectator sport.”

In the future, O’Neil hopes to one day be able to watch the sport she loves at the Olympic Games.

“I believe Acrobatic Gymnastics deserves a spot in the Olympics,” O’Neil said. 

“In the next ten years it would be great to see an Australian Trio represented at an Olympic Games and give the sport the recognition it deserves.”

For O’Neil it isn’t just about competing, but the memories that come along with it. 

“The Acrobatic program is different from other Gymsports which is what makes it so enjoyable and that is what makes us proud to be involved," O'Neil said.

“It is a team sport where lifelong friendships are made and amazing opportunities arise!”